Landlords Insurance

If you are a landlord, commercial or residential, landlords insurance is a must to protect you in the event that anything goes wrong. In the event of a fire or flood it’s not just repairs that will need paying for, but alternative accommodation for your tenants, or perhaps your tenants fail to pay the rent you rely on for mortgage payments.

Landlords face a range of specific ‘risks’ that are covered by landlords insurance. Because we take the time to get to know our clients’ needs and explain aspects of policies to them, you can be confident you have the right cover for your buy-to-lets and that both you, your property and your tenants are protected.

With our many years’ experience in the industry we quickly build trust and long-term relationships. This is especially important for landlords as we need to keep your insurer up-to-date with any changes of tenants and any unoccupied periods to ensure the policy in place is always valid.

A comprehensive policy will insure the building, your liability and loss of rent. Buildings insurance will also often cover malicious damage by a tenant, and glass, lock and key replacement cover as standard. You can also add extras such as contents cover, legal expenses and rent guarantee insurance.

It is important you understand exactly what is covered in your policy, whether new or existing, and we will ensure all our clients are fully aware of their policy’s benefits and limitations.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance is also a must if you let a furnished property, but it should also be considered for unfurnished, as invariably there may be carpets, curtains and kitchen appliances in an unfurnished property, so a small amount of cover would be appropriate. Again, we will help gauge the right level of cover for your property.

Loss of rent/ Alternative accommodation

If your property is uninhabitable after a fire or flood, the inclusion of ‘loss of rent’ in your policy would mean you could continue to claim the monthly rental income you may rely on for the mortgage; or cover the cost of alternative accommodation for your tenants.

Rent guarantee

Rent guarantee insurance not only covers the rent over an agreed period if you have tenants that don’t pay, but usually includes legal expense insurance to help with the legal costs of a dispute with your tenant.

Landlord’s Home Emergency Cover

Domestic emergencies can be costly and time-consuming and effect the safety of your tenants. Landlord’s home emergency covers up to £500 for emergency repairs in the event of burst pipes, failure of water mains or electricity supply, blocked drains, inoperable toilet, failure and damage to looks, doors and windows and pest infestations.

There is a dedicated 24 hour telephone number for assistance 365 days a year and Landlord’s home emergency cover gives up to £100 for alternative overnight accommodation for your tenants and no excess applies to claims.

Get in touch

With so many things to consider within landlords insurance, let us do the thinking for you and find the right policy that includes everything you need, and nothing you don’t. We take the time to find out about your properties and tenants to protect you and your buy-to-let livelihood. We can also arrange home emergency cover for private homes and landlords; up to £500 for emergency repairs for burst pipes, block drains, failure or damage to locks, doors or windows.